The Heart of Man's Spirit
N/A, 12:00 AM

The heart of man’s spirit is more evil (terrible) than his mind, for out the heart, the mouth of his mind (head) speaks. Reactions proceeded by “heart-harden” reasoning and thought for all the “senses of evil” concerning livelihood has birthed “race”, “religion”, and “racism”. The “eyes that see”, the “mouth that speaks”, the “ears that hear”, the “taste that’s bitter”, and the “touch that feels unclean, continues to divide the Godly sense of righteousness, for ungodly man’s senses of unrighteous living in sin. As citizen Trump, President Obama’s birth and citizenship was questioned, but as President Trump, our First Lady;s birth and citizenship was not in question, although both are considered legal, they was “no difference”, so there should be “no division”. Our Federal, State, City, County and Christian governments have gone “AWOL”, and are not governing according to bipartisan Godly Biblical commandments. A double-minded man (headed), and a double- hearten man (spirited) is unstable in all his ways, divided, disloyal, divisional, divisive, and can not be trusted by God, others, or himself. A Christian called nation now excepts and allows the precepts of “evil to be called good” and “good to be called evil” with a justified acceptance to receive willingly and favorably the consequences of its actions that only leads to destruction. Our nation is “free falling”, seemingly not willing to get back up (repent). Professing to be wise, people have become “fooled and foolish” in their own eyes, justified in theirs own injustices of laws, policies, politics, mixed with a color-coded bias by their own past denials of reality, but at worst, forgetting the Creator “God” who created us all, different with the same equality!There is no respecter (difference) of people with God, so there can be no respecter (difference) of people with man, the choice is ours!


J.R. Ricks, Jr.



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