The Cultural War Has Always Been The Front
N/A, 12:00 AM

Fox News Network the fair and balance Americans that just will not balance fairly, rightly or justly, continues to “bail out” their own. Roger Ailes, alone with the Republican (GOP) conservative party, in their salvation, will began to reap exactly what they have sown. Mr. Trump knows that he was created by the Republican Party and he is a carbon copy of their very character, judgment, and detain for President Obama because he is a “black man” who somehow stole their country without a vote. Mr. Trump remembers the Republican Party (GOP) and all the things they said and did to stop President Obama’s legacy of good, and now we have Hillary Clinton, a “white woman” trying steal the country again. Have no fear, Fox News Nation will come to the rescue. The “culture” war has always been the front, center, beginning and end of the American physic. Fox News Networks, Bill O’Reilly’s killing books, Shawn Hannity’s rush to judgments, Rush Limbaugh and talk radio, are security magnets of freedom from a one sided view of speech, law, fairness, and justified ventriloquist’s for Mr. Trump. Fox and the talk radio provide present day news cycles as the pharisees and sadducees, wise hypocrites in Jesus time. These news outlets “incite” true words but have no “insight” of the word of truth.There is no difference between “Radical Islamic Terrorist’s”or “Radical Racist’s Terrorist’s”, they both steal, kill, and destroy innocent people’s lives! Mr. Trumps children were trained well in business by him, but their influence in people training had to have come from their mother’s.

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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