Saved Souls Who Backslide Must Repent to be Renewed
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Once saved, always saved translates holiness living conditions by continuing to endure the word and commandments of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and His shed blood.

Salvation, conversion, redemption, born again, repentance and transformation, all denote the willingness to endure our new birth, by the grace of God. Jesus is the only one who has endured eternal salvation by virtue of his suffering, dying, and the resurrection of Jesus’s body, for our sakes through Jesus’ choice.

Backsliding or turning away from God after conversion illustrates the faith and will that a Christian’s choice in God to keep him or her from willfully sinning is uncertain. The born again or reborn experience comes only by confessing the Lord Jesus Christ through faith and belief in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. John 3:7 tells us that we should not be surprised, wonder or be astonished, because we must be born again, not of man and woman’s flesh, but of the spirit of God.

This new birth in Christ is a new way of life as a result of forgiveness and repentance, with a definite instantaneous experience of change by the acceptance of the entering of the Holy Spirit as witness.

The born again lifestyle is the grace of God through the blood of Jesus, which gives eternal benefit and restoration by sanctification that blots out the inbred sin and is eradicated, crucified and made holy from the will to sin.

Sanctification is a definite work by the grace of God to regenerate a holy, sinless life against the will of man’s sin. It is impossible for those who were once saved to backslide or fall away, to be renewed without repentance, for they crucified themselves again, Jesus the Christ in open shame.

Pastor James R. Ricks, Jr.


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