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The politics of the past have come alive by the absolute teaching measures of hatred. In the beginning of President Obama’s 1st term, the Republican party and Conservative movement along with the Tea Party servers, began a campaign of divide and conquer. Fox News, Rush, and Talk Radio lead the way of destruction by false, fake, and obstruction of justice tactics by choosing suggestive lies over factual truth. All lives matter, so treat all lives with honor, fairness, and justice. The politics, and policy rules colluded the agenda to sabotage Obama’s legacy before it began. The additional race (color of skin) component came as Donald Trump fueled the fire with the birth movement. President Donald Trump presently is receiving all the consequences of his chosen conservative Republican ally’s, to dishonor the oath for all Americans. The Supreme Court, the President, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Defendants, and Descendants, must realize that God gave mankind (womankind), power and dominion over all the “fish” of the sea, “birds” of the air, cattle (animals), and creeping things that creep on the earth (bugs), but not over other mankind. We are all created equal by one blood (life), one flesh (skin), with many Godly color’s as the birds, bees, flowers, and the trees. Racism is the “trump card” for divisive, destruction, and division of all evil to separate one from the other. Neither “global racism” or “global warning” destruction, believe it or not, will not consist of water, but fire next time. Our purpose in this life is to love one another, not one or the other. As a people, we must first remove the planks from our eyes, so we can clearly see how to remove the specks from others eye’s. The grass may look greener on the other side, but its only “AstroTurf”!


J.R. Ricks, Jr.





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