Obama Shows Wisdom and Leadership
N/A, 12:00 AM

The true colors of many American people are shinning through. It is not only red, white, blue, it's also white and black. Disrespectful, double-minded, double-vision, defundable, destructive, delusional, double standard and divaricating America's core of freedom and justice for "all."

President Obama's White House appointment has been an eye-opening dream for America's hidden pretense for non-existent "racism." Even if the American people choose to be blind, other countries are well aware. Frederick Douglass, an American black slave, born from a white father and black mother (and a leader in the Republican Party) was invited to the "People's House" shortly after the "People's House" became the White House.

Barack Obama, born free from a black father and a white mother, is living in the People's White House, but still treated as a slave. The Congress is egressing and regressing the people by defunding and dividing real justice, while President Obama is showing the "Wisdom of Solomon" by employing democracy, trying peacemaking instead of war. Many lawmakers, corporations, insurance companies, doctors and lawyers have merged together against what they call Obamacare to incite disbelief for a global and just program (health care), which they can benefit from.

The "poverty creators" send jobs out of the country, support other countries financially, pay unjust wages, deny raises, cut benefits, give themselves livable raises and benefits. These are supposedly the God-loving, God-fearing, educated, wealthy, good hearted, sound-minded, fair and just people, but these are the ones who are sending Americans through a sin-filled disaster. O'Reilly, Hannity, Rush, Talk Radio and people who associate the sin of evil with color, stand their ground with hardened hearts and the passion through satanic wisdom to justify hatred for President Obama as policy driven. Jesus was resurrected for life and more abundant life, for all sins, liberal, conservative and independent!




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