Nation Must Walk the Walk
N/A, 12:00 AM

With so much news about politics, religions, freedoms and rights, I felt the need as a born-again believer (Christian), to respond.

The differences we have in all these situations are nothing more than policy or principle lifestyles. Policy and political diplomacy is a planned, crafted, managed system used to govern or control an organizational self-service of ideas. This institutional diplomacy constitutes honesty and justice, with the possibilities of being honestly wrong, but unwilling to change its course for better or for right.

Principle and standards are fundamental truths, facts and laws that unselfishly create equality, integrity and justice, Principle living is the ultimate source of life for the process of leadership, guidance, management and conduct. Christianity is not a policy or a religion; it is the principle part and command of God for our character and moral fortitude.

Policy teaches truth with constant changes, but principle teaches a never-changing truth. Principle directs truth, honesty, justice and freedom without compromising its identity. Policies have become magnified egotistical proposals with no solution or willingness to confirm. Born-again Christians must exit their closets and demand the principle rights of God to be returned to our churches and nation. Christianity does not seek to kill, steal or destroy, but gives life and freedom towards abundance.

The policy of a Godly called nation is but a pretense or notion inclined to deceive, if we talk the talk, but principally do not walk the walk. The greatest principles are the two commandments of Jesus, to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself. The problem America has is many people have let the policy of politics, misguide and mislead the guiding principle of Jesus Christ.


Pastor J.R. Ricks, Jr.

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