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I am Minister Shirley Kearney. Being brought up in the church all I remember hearing from my mother constantly saying is, how important it is to have a personal " relationship" with the Lord.   Therefore, being raised in the church all my life. I  now know the importance of having a true and real relationship with my Savior. In 1985, I later became a member of the Wake Forest Church of God of Prophecy  and have been a member for over twenty plus years. I am an ordained and license minister and  have been in the ministry for over twenty seven years. I am working on obtaining my license as a  Counselor.  We live in a world where Crisis are happening everyday in the world as well as in the Body of Christ. When a crisis happen in a person's life, it not only affect the person involve, but it affects all those who are close to the person as well as those in the community.  


There is one word, which is a vital component in every person life and that word is "Relationships."   From the beginning of time God institute the importance of "Relationships" first he establish a relationship with nature, creature and most importantly with man. We as human being find that was is important to God seems to be not so important to man. In the beginning God and man "relationship" was a strong, respectful and endearing one. Even though the word "Relationship" is not mentioned it is inferred. "And the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." Genesis 3:18.
Relationships affect every walk of life from sisters, brother, mothers, daughters, fathers, aunts , nephews, nieces; husband and wife, friends, pastor, congregations, society, doctors, nurses, employees, employers and the list goes on. I believe that in order to have a good and healthy relationship, one must be able to honestly be able to communicate and converse how one feel about any subject matter at hand. Some how as a people and as a society we really have forgotten how to effectively communicates with each other. Too many people are hurting because they do not value or understand the meaning of having a good and strong "Relationship" with one another. Lord, teach us the important of having a good relationship with you as well as, with each other.


December 16, 2014

    God and Man with an Extraordinary Relationship 

I am so amaze at how much God loves man. When I look at the world and see the beauty of God's creations and how everything He has created is such a master piece.  When you look up toward heaven and see the beauty Carolina blue sky with the pure white fluffy cotton like clouds. How when He allow the sun to shine and give its light, with the birds flying south, because they know that winter is approaching. How He spoke nature into existence and cause the trees to give oxygen, for life. God is so wonderful that He made a way for man to have the best of all on earth and for man to enjoy all that He has created. We have abused, misuse and have taken God's love for granted. I think of the story of  David in the bible, when he was a young lad, keeping sheep for his father Jesse. David believed and trust God whole heartily, as a child he was told how God had choosen him to lead His people. David was a shepherd boy who trust on the true and living God to deliver the enemy in his hands, whenever, some animal or thief would try to attack the sheep. God would deliver them in the hands of young David. 

Yet, somewhere during a time in David's life he forgot about the ordinances of God and his eyes fell on Bathsheba and because of his lust and wrong doing. He had Uriah killed to try and cover up his sins. Too, often we hurt peole because of our own wicked desire and greed. A couple of weeks ago I witness and heard several people viciously say hurtful and cruel things to this person all because of what they say is their belief.   I then begin to wander how is it possible for them to say that they have a relationship with God and be so mean spirited to God's creation. For about a year, David had totally forgot what he did to Uriah to cover up his sin. Yet, God sent the Prophet Nathan to tell David of his sin, giving David an opportunity to do what was right. Immediately, David came to himself and repented of his sin. Look, how extraordinary God's love is to man, and look how David's love is to God, he repented of his sin. Notice the relationship between God and man.

Uriah, was a righteous man and God loved Uriah, Bathsheba just like He love David. I love the passage of scripture  I Peter 3:12 "For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers, but the face of the Lord is against them that do evil." Whenever, you feel that no one cares of your hurt and pain from wicked people please remember this passage of scripture and be encourage to know ................that the Lord eyes are over the righteous and His ears are open unto their prayers. Be determine to have a real and loving relationship with our Lord the Almighty God. It is important to  Him just as it is important to you.

  June 2021  
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