Liberty and Freedom Means Absolutely Nothing in America Today
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Liberty and freedom means absolutely nothing in America today, for the exception and allowance of constitutional ignorance. The Statue of Liberty, one of the Seven Wonders (monuments) and enlightening of the world, makes many wonder, suspect, and not know the true meanings of its wording. “Give me your tired (people), your poor (people), your huddled massages (people), yearning to breathe free (people)”, except you are a certain kind of people.  This country can retrieve our jobs when and if our “corporation congress” brings the jobs back to America, land of the free, home of the brave, when you do what is right. Fox News, Congress, and the Supreme Court have “systematically” and ”institutionally” used the constitution to control, regulate, restrain, and enslaved  President Obama from changing America from its greatest disease of sin, “racism”. President Obama is responsible for what he does (actions taken), right or wrong, but he is not responsible for the actions or non-action of congress, you only reap what you sow, and sow only what you reap. The Government Leaders of America and Israel have become “conformable” and “comfortable” with being in control of the poor, poverty stricken, and the disabled to have a choice of life and abundant life, as they themselves receive. America and Israel are supposedly Godly nations, but neither government represents the Godly love and kindness towards its own people or its neighbors. To the heartbreak and demise of many people, Jesus died and was resurrected for the liberality of all, not the conservativeness’ of any. The “poor” and “rich”, the “evil” and “good”, we will always have, but it is a personal choice, not a required policy.  Whatever is done in private, will always come to the public, just as whatever is done in the dark, will always comes to the light!  America’s Government officials, mainly the Republican House of Representatives, from the beginning of President Obama’s Presidency,   have controlled (enslaved) every decision and policy making attempt by the President.  The real foreigner’s are Americans, Jesus was born legally in Africa, Europe, Ethiopia, and we are the real “illegal immigrates”.  America is controlled by a race -based constitutional bias culture that is terrorizing its own people, continuing to let them suffer uselessly at cost of their skin color, religion, gender, disabilities, nationality, and the lack of knowledge of truth. The Israelis and Palestinians are controlled and suffer the same type of oppression and Israel’s Prime Minister Dictator Benjamin Netanyahu who pretends to know the “True God”, but he has become his own god! The blood of many will be put upon these inhuman leaders because they continue to allow innocent blood to be shed.

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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