Leadership Not Granted
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President Obama inheriting a fore- fold of enemies is the reason nothing gets accomplished. In the beginning of his Presidency the racists began to create undue, unjust judgment, condemnation, distrust, and divisive ploys to destroy the legacy of the “first” and “last” black President. It is the beginning and the ending for a man because he thought that America with its constitutional fortitude had come to a place of dignity, grace, unity, and equality to submit to the just cause of true freedom. The racists now call him the race causing divider who fails to unite the country. These are “foes” without a cause, even provoking Christianity to accompany uncommon views and deception by invoking free hatred in the land of the free, and home of the brave if you concede to your “proper place”. The proper place “seemed” to require no discriminations of gender, color, race, education, nationality, or religion, but these have become handicaps. Fox News, Talk Radio, Congress persons, many white and black jealous, disrespectful, divisive, and united conservatives, capitalists, have become liberators of hate filled freedoms. Americans can steal, kill and destroy, with the justification of freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech has granted an unstable culture war inside America as well as outside. “Foes and enemies”, “Fox and Friends”, curse the President at home and pretend not to understand why he is cursed abroad,  manipulators see, manipulators do as they see being done! The misuse of the Bible (God’s Word) is being translated into fiction (non-fit), and the constitution as non-fiction (fitting). The “culture wars” (racism) through the classes of gender, race, nationality, and all divisive injustices, are not in the Bible for justification, but “regeneration”. We the people are our own worst enemies, and our foes, by loving our freedoms and hating them too!


James R. Ricks, Jr.




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