"Jesus is Truth and Truth is Jesus"
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Truth is a faithful, loyal, constant, reliable, genuine, accurate, authentic indicator that is a factual agreement of reality and standards for right (righteous) living. Truth does not hurt, wound, enslave, mistreat, steal, kill, or destroy, but gives life and life full of abundance. Truth is “trustworthiness” in honesty, justice, freedom, virtuous, fair, and equally given without variables (unchangeable goodness). Truth is not based on gender, race, religion, or nationality, color of skin, education, non-education, need or want, rich or poor. Truth is not based or conditioned by humanitarians suggestions, subjections, objections, neither “unequal”, “unfair”,” unjustified” worshipping of “constitutional and governmental” laws, rules, policies, or politics. Truth “does not” condemn or lie, but “truths” mission only “convicts” those who continue” practicing” and “portraying ” (except)  “untruths” (lies), in order to receive the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and obedience of  “truth”.  Truth is not “gossip” (idle-rumor) but the “Gospel” of good news, good tidings, good teachings, and good living for all man-kind. Truth makes no errors, mistakes, missteps, or mishaps, it only “translates and conditions” peace and good will towards every situation and circumstance. Truth speaks, walks, talks, declares, believes, thinks, handles perfectly, and establishes character through right, upright, righteous standards, for correct treatment in the equality of mankind. Truth does not agree to disagree with sentimental delicate feeling of actions based on emotional thoughts, attitudes, and opinions that have no reasonable sensibility for fair and just causes. Truth does not sugar coat (cover-it-up), under-coat (fake-it), or lay between the coats (pass-it-over); it has or makes “no pardon” (excuse) for right (goodness) to mirror wrong (evilness). The truth reveals the light of the hidden reality of people’s hearts, souls, and minds, through forsaking the very God that created humans; people live as “Christians” (creatures) instead of “Saints” (new creations).  “Jesus is Truth” and the “Truth is Jesus”!

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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