Jesus and the ā€˜Nā€™ Word
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The second greatest commandment commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves. The ‘N’ word is amplified, simplified, multiplied and glorified by Jesus Christ. The most charitable gift of love for one another is to treat my brother or my sister as I would treat myself.  We are commanded by Jesus Christ to love one another not one or the other. The ‘N’ word that Jesus supplied for every individual is not to betray our neighbor. A neighbor is the person that lives in the home, next door, county, city, state, country and nation. A neighbor does not lie on or with, bear false witness, have malice, kill, steal or destroy his other neighbors family, home, or any of his substance. Neighbors should not be discriminated against their race, religion, color, sexual orientation or national origin. God judges us on how we treat our neighbor while we live and not after we die. Righteous living exalts a nation but sin against your neighbor is a reproach against heaven’s doors. Legality or illegality is not the problem but the treatment of one another creates a falsehood and not a neighborhood. Jesus Christ was the Greatest Community Organizer. Jesus organized neighbors that consisted of Jews, Gentiles, Pharisees because they thought they were ‘fair you see’, Sadducees because they were ‘sad you see’ so that they could become the righteousness of God ‘you see’. The ‘N’ word of Jesus is to Love, Protect, Teach, Show mercy and speak truth to your neighbor. The cure for each one of us is to Love, Respect and Honor our neighbor. Love your ‘N’ word as you do yourself is the second and greatest commandment with promise from Jesus Christ, on this word, the law and prophets stand the first commandment is to Love God with all thy heart mind and soul and the second is like unto it, Love thy neighbor as thyself, without the first there can be no second. What our world needs is to heed the call of the ‘N’ word and love thy neighbor as we do ourselves!

Pastor James R. Ricks, Jr.



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