Insurance Fraud
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The Foxes (News-Talk Radio) are continuously destroying the “divine” future of growth and prosperity (life and life abundance) with the pretense of being Christians. Christianity is not nationality, race, color, or culture, but the “Only Way”, “Only Truth”, and “Only Life” by which all people will, or can be rightfully judged. Christianity is “Jesus Christ The Man”, He is the only Man “who could” and did lay down His Life for “His family” (friends) and “His foes” (enemies). The Republicans, Democrats, Independents, “racist’s” and “non-racist’s”  “happy haters “ of President Obama along with the Insurance Agencies, Lawyers, Pastor’s, Doctor’s,  “wicked  wealthy”, “wicked poor”, are destroying the foundational root of America. The Foxes are always trying to destroy the vines (culture) of equal rights without right believing, trust, or truth through the power of speculation, calculation, context, and vomiting (spewing) unfair, unbalanced, substance (views).  These foxes are “intelligent rich vultures” preying on people that “love to hate” naturally (just because) through a “hurry-up” and destroy mentality, so the blind will remain “ignorant of truth”, and “never acknowledge” where, when or how to see truth. Insurance Companies (Corporations) car, home, life (medical-health -care) have always conned the consumer. The Insurance Companies have always controlled the government through federal, states, cities, and counties leaders. President Obama is bringing many “hidden truths” to the reality for the “under privileged” (consumers being consumed), and the privileged (wealthy greed controlling consumers) are being vetted for their sins. States governed by Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats are voting against equal rights in religion, race, health-care, and etc., all things that will keep President Obama from the “Legacy” of the “hidden mushroom”, keeping the people in the dark and feed them “dung".People have become accustomed to receiving and accepting a “lie and die”, rather than receiving “truth to live”!


James R. Ricks, Jr.


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