Instinct of Politics and Religion
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The instinct of “politics” and “religion” produces organized racism, “relationship” without “fellowship”, contrived in shrewdness, cruelty, through diplomatic immunity actions usually resulting in unscrupulous inhumane results. Politics and religion instigates a natural reflex to control, dominate, or reinvent a stimulus required hope through the power of force and the psychic fear of freedom. Freedoms of will, speech, faith, and beliefs of race have “double meanings” because people choose to be “double-minded”. Freedom is not free if people do not have “right thinking” instead of “thinking right”. Politics makes people do what they want to “think is right” (selfish), not doing what is “right to do” (un-selfish), these result in un-stable, un-just, un-real, and un-fair decision making of laws, rules, policies, and standards of commandments or constitutions. Blackmail politics is a “marketeering tool” that has allowed the “political selling” of the Constitutions partial truth, verses whole truth. President Obama is a “black male” being held in contempt and blackmail through a “white male” dominated Republican House, who believe in “being fair”, not “being right”. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a black male, fought for himself using the words “Institutionalized racism”, allows himself to be blackmailed by “white male” Justices, and uses his freedom not to speak.  “Constitutionalized racism” is more harmful than “institutionalized racism”; our constitution represents “inclusiveness” of all the American people equally and just. Institutions are governments, unions, corporations, and organizational users as republican- democrat congress, senate- house, liberal-conservative, or independent. Racism and money can be instinctive contagious and misused hate filled sins that “freely abuse” people through the “caring for” as well as the “taking away”, but are equally powerful in positive and negative results. Money “answers all things”, (need and greed) but is not the answer for all things, money makes people free and enslaves them too!  The Church (Body of Christ) is in a legality of her own, she must be willing to promote the truth about racism and money. Racism does not have any place in God’s House (Kingdom of God) nor in the people that operate it. Money is key in building and promoting the “Covenant of God”, life (natural), and life more abundantly (spirit), to seek to save those people who lost without Jesus Christ! The problem the Church faces is the power to “withdraw”. The Church must withdraw herself (unspotted) from the world, becoming renewed, removed, recalled, retracted, and retreating from an “old creature” to a “new creation”. Christians have banned every extremist group and religious group for the exception of racism in America.


J.R. Ricks, Jr.



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