Government by the People
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The government by the people, of the people, and for the people, are provided with “health care” insurance, given by the same people that they themselves reject giving to the people. Health care is a “right”, not a privilege, every body is affected by health care and issues of wellness. The constitutionality of the government chosen by its peers, then to reject the very benefits they receive from the people is deceitful, destructive, dishonorable, in the sight of God and man. The heart of our governmental officials (congress persons), have become “heart harden”, “cold blooded” thieves, to except the beneficial gifts (health-care), but deny the beneficiary’s of that gift. The conscience of our government leaders in federal, state, county, cities, and churches, have become “debased and vile” towards the truth in reasonable reality of “giving”. Governments are “commanded” by God to do only for others as they do for themselves. The problem is not the insurance or drug companies only, but the Congresses power and greed for love of money. The misuse of the Affordable Care Act by the Republican congress to change the name to Obama Care, was a trumped up “fake news” to deceive people as if the color (race) of a man contributes good or bad health care. The Affordable Care Act can be “fixed” and “problem solved”, by giving the same health care congress receives, to every citizen of this country. The richest (country) nation in the world, allows the rich not to pay taxes, and transfer money overseas, not knowing or understanding that the rich are “charged” by God to take care of the needs and needy! Take care of thy neighbor as thy neighbor takes care of you. It is time for the “halves”, to “give to heal” and make the “have nots”, “whole again.”!

Pastor James R. Ricks, Jr.



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