God’s Principles Should Guide Us, Not Man’s Policies
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Policies are a planned systematic, crafted, managed and government (federal, state, city, churches) controlled organizations of self-service “ideas”, without principled “ideal” (common reality).

     Principles are the ultimate based truth, law, source, original, and natural cause and effect of life. The principles of God can never be changed or viewed for correction, for the Word of God is the true foundation for all things made (existence). Christianity is not policy or religious base, it the principle part and character fortitude of God through Jesus Christ. The policy position of life is to kill, steal, and destroy others’ lives, but the principle part of life is to have “life” for “you”, with more “abundant life” for “others” through Christ Jesus. There is only one flesh and blood of humans (male-female) consisting of the same senses (feeling, tasting, seeing, hearing, and smelling. The human minds (brain), souls (heart), bodies (flesh), are the same except for the ever present “colors” that seem to control all of man’s senses. The components for life are the “policy of fear” (Satan’s “sin-filled” lifestyle) or the “principle of faith” (Jesus sin-less lifestyle) without it, is impossible to please God! The man’s body and the woman’s body are for the joining together as one (married). The policy part of man chooses to join two males together and two females together that cannot principally connect together.

     The principles of God are elementary to true Christians, for they are the oracles (Scriptures) for the “Word” (Jesus) that has already finished the work from the end back to the beginning. Christians do not wrestle (contend) against flesh and blood (people’s bodies), but against principalities, powers, and rulers (sinfully corrupted “governments” leadership).

Pastor James R. Ricks, Jr.

(August 30, 2010)



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