God Is Not Controlling
N/A, 12:00 AM

God is not controlling the world system, nor is the world system controlled by God. Many people believe that God is controlling the world, God is in Control, but God is not controlling. God controls through “The Church of God”, the Body of Christ, which has been “Purchased” and “Bought” by His only “Begotten Son”, Jesus Christ. The Blood of Jesus has given man control or dominion to do what needs to be done in this earth through “prayer”. The prayer of a “righteous” man (born-again) avails, succeeds, and accomplishes much.  Prayer is the authority for God to re-enter in the earth’s rim through and by his sons and daughters (born-again-saints). The relationship and fellowship of true Christians, or Saints are the only permission that grants God legal access, through the “Precious Blood” (Resurrected) of Jesus. God gave Adam and Eve the power over all the earth and told them not to eat of the tree God called “good and evil (knowledge) or they would surely die (loose-dominion). There were no animals (meat) in the Garden of Eden, only fruit and nut trees (Eternal Life). The earthly term for nuts and fruits come from being disobedient of a command or suggestion to be obeyed. Adam “gave” dominion to Satan after his invasion into the Garden of Eden. The temptation (emotion) of being like God, and not knowing they were already God-like, made their curiosity a revealing reality. The dominion that God gave Adam and Eve was not stolen or taken by force, but delivered to Satan by Adam, making the earth’s transfer of ownership valid. God can not and does not violate His word in order to trick or take as a hostage. Satan received the earth with the “art” “agency” of a lawyer, politician, or tax collector. Adam was made (created) an earthly (dust) living being, Jesus was born a life-giving spirit and became sin (earthly). We are the “born” image of Adam (earthly-sin) and the “born again” image of God (heavenly-no sin), through Jesus Christ, if you personally accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. God’s “Will” is our will by the choices we make and promises we keep. God is a Holy, Righteous, Covenant, Promise, Wholeness, Healing, Perfect, Everlasting, Eternal, and “Goodest” God through Jesus Christ, for everything is ALREADY; ALRIGHT!

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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