End Electoral College Process
N/A, 12:00 AM

The Electoral College is a controversial mechanism used for presidential elections that create unfair judgments, as a compromise for the process of the popular and majority of votes. The Electoral College is within themselves, qualified and selected voters, elected by their peers, to make the highest decision of office for the common voter.

Politicians believed at the birth of this constitutional Article 11 Section 1, that pure elections were one-sided and biased.

This bipartisan group has developed a partisan agenda, which has divided the voting system into a weapon of party loyalists who adhere to a particular party, without right or justifiable cause. Voting has become a tool for self-filling rules, laws and policies that gives the consumer the chance to be right, for a choice that has already been made. There is no difference in having or not having the right to vote with an Electoral College, you only receive what has been perceived to be the best for you, at a time of opportunity by the selected few.

Voting rights should be governed and chosen by the majority of votes, not through the influence of compromised rules and regulations of the Electoral College’s decision to make a biased selection. This is the reason many people ask the question, what, why, and who should I vote for? The answer my friend will continue to blow with the wind, as long as we have the Electoral College eliminating or not counting our votes, as is the selected or elected continue the outsourcing of our jobs. The majority seems to always rule at the expense of the minorities’ inconveniences.

The right to vote should be fair, just, honest, and the bipartisan element of freedom through America’s way, that should mimic and mirror, Jesus Christ!

Pastor James R. Ricks, Jr.


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