Dysfunctional Governments
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Dysfunctional governments (rulers and leaders) are the ultimate problems with world wide transgression (sin of injustice). The disobedience of   “God’s Law” by the willful omission of man, to exercise evil by abomination (repulsive ideas) towards other men, is “vomitive” at its core. The governments (Federal, State, City, Local) self inflicted venoms, suppresses its citizens because of their desire to remain nonvaccinated against the poison it has created. We live in an “autocratic” government (selfish “con”-servative, power-driven) with “autocracy” leading towards an” Electoral College Tea Party”. The “royal autocrats” rule by chance of tradition, heritage, founders, and birth (class) that seeks pilot control (helmsmen) through the “supreme” political system. The worst diversion and division of our system is that it has taken hold of the “Church” (God trusting, faith believing citizens), and caused the antidote (cure) for the solutions to be irredeemable. The government is to change lives (enhance-improve) for the betterment through all measures (influences) necessary including taxes for all citizens or non-citizens and “corporations”. Ten plus Ten, (10% - 10%) “Taxes” (Government) and “Tithes” (Churches) are the “answer” for all financial problems, this eliminates the “stealers” (thieves –robbers) and illuminates the people and the economy for true trickle down economics. Paying taxes and tithes and offerings (contributions-gifts) “equally” will produce such a great “harvest” on the earth, after the thieves (cheaters) steal, there will be plenty left over without noticing or realizing anything was missing. The “love” of money and the “lack” of money are the greatest root (sins destructive measures) that destroys the human logic for “true freedom, justice, and liberty”! To be the greatest Nation on earth, we must produce what has already been created, a Godly lifestyle for its citizens and non citizens alike. The constitution allows opinions that agree to disagree, so there is never agreement!


James R. Ricks, Jr. 



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