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Our world has entered the high-tech lifestyle of the Internet with a technology-fashioned government, designed by scientific ideology.

It is time for true Christians (Disciples of Christ) to exit their closets, and return to the commandments of God and obey them.

Scientific technology has been terrorizing this world by thoughts, ideas, and bias suggestions, which place doubt of the reality of god’s existence.

Scientific technology is the greatest tool used by Satan to subtract human from the spiritual nature. The mere suggestion that technology is greater than manual labor is against the nature of God, who commanded Adam to work by the sweat of his face, instead of false wisdom and knowledge of the mind.

With the ideas, thoughts and suggestions, our nation has become lukewarm, not only hypocritical, but the hypocrite as well.

Technology and science have taken the place of prayer and trust for the will of God, we have become killers instead of healers. Our world and nation is reaping the “shock” and “awe” of a sin sick society of wrong thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

By our own choices, God has allowed us to become a reprobate, double-minded and condemned nation.

Many people have exchanged the truth of God for the lies of Satan, becoming passionate instead of compassionate.

God has allowed the earth to vomit and spew out the illnesses of sin through storms and violent disturbances, usually caused by the guilty, devastated on the innocent.

Technology, scientific evidence and facts did not discover God, but God created technology, scientific evidence with fact through faith in God, for man to discover God, without the theory, need or use for evolution.

The wisdom of technology, science, knowledge and education, are only valuable according to their proper use.


Pastor J.R. Ricks, Jr.

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