Culture War
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The “Culture War” (race) is the key catalysts for world hatred. Humans have been given dominion over sea fish, air birds, land cattle, and everything that creeps on earth. Humans have targeted other humans (people) as creeps instead of created beings, “different” than themselves, because of cultural ideas, customs, and systematic actions. These activities separate, divide, and conquer the vulnerable, weak minded, unstable, and lack of understanding for their personal human-hood. Education has been used as a means of not knowing as well as knowing, if you do not “who you are”, you will not know “whose you are”.  Culturists are generally “wicked people” in power (affluent-capitalists) and control that uses race, gender, religion, national origin, and skin-color, without free speech or right to vote. Culture division creates double standards between Jew-Gentile, rich-poor, male-female, Republican-Democrat, black-white, Christian and non- Christian. Our laws are influenza, apartheid, and standing on shaking ground. The have “prey” on the have-nots through the power of the constitution, laws, policies, traditions, untruths, and fears they themselves have created. Fox News, Rush, and Talk Radio rule the airways with suggested opinions and speculations as if the Forefathers and the constitution did not include the possibility of a Black President or Female. If this is true, the constitution is a cultural document that does not represent freedom and justice for all humans (people). Fox News condemns President Putin and Russia for the same hypocrisy they criticize towards President Obama.  Hatred is the most destructive force on earth; it does the most damage to those who harbor it, quoted by Mr. Nido R. Qubein. Love God (Creator of all life) with all your heart, soul, and mind;   love your neighbors as you love yourselves! Receiving, believing, and accepting the living “Jesus”, will give people “true love”, without any hate.  

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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