“Christianity Politics”
N/A, 12:00 AM

The new American card is “Christianity Politics” with an ungodly acceptance. The Christian political card has birthed an old partisan nature of cultural power and control. Although Christianity “is not” a policy, religion, culture, nationality, gender, race, or color, it has become a substitute for living righteous. The Church or body of believers who are to be representative of Godliness (Jesus Christ), have sold out for a consumer custom made lifestyle which represents evil qualities, rather than equality. The far left and far right have both eliminated truth, justice, honor, character, and morals of this country and the world, manifested as human beings. We as people of the true and living “God of all”, must impeach our ways for God’s ways. We have a nation of truth suppressors, ungodly, unloving, uncaring, self-willed, and vain imaginations that seem wise, but are completely foolish. Many have exchanged correctness for corruption, love for hate, and help for covetousness. Crime and hate has become a benefit with an incentive package to create as much injustice allowance, without correction. The true responsibility belongs to those who say they have excepted Jesus Christ and believe that He is the way, the truth, and the life, but have been side tracked by the “fake way, truth, and life”. Christianity politics is Diplomatic Immunity on steroids against all things true, right, moral, just, honest, fair, and equal. Many Christians are trying have it both ways, but you can only love one God and hate the other, or be loyal to one and despise the other, but you can not honor and serve both. There are no good people on the bad side, and no bad people on the good side, you can not be “righteous and evil” at the same time! Americans have aborted the God that “loves” them.

J.R. Ricks, Jr.



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