Atmospheric Pressure
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Our “atmosphere” (gravity) is full of “atmos” “fear”   (sin). Satan began on earth as a “snake” (Genesis), and ends as a “dragon” (Revelation).The Devil (Satan) has “Delivered” ”Evil” “Venom” “Into” “Life”, the “only antidote” to eliminate this poison is “Jesus Christ”. The “shed blood of Jesus” is the “only covering” from sin, but does not cover up sin. Satan’s appetite (food) is people’s sins (flesh-bone), by people, to rule people, against other people. The rebellion of man against the standard principles of Jesus Christ (Word of God) is Satan’s ultimate purpose. Satan uses the greatest form of discrimination of people’s race (nationalities, skin color), religion (spiritual and natural humanistic uses of material gods), and racism (superiority ruling power). Revenue (money), lack of revenue (income), is a provision which teaches the “have gots” (rich, wealthy), not to give generosity (unselfish help) to the “have nots” (widows, poor). It is God who gives man the power to get wealth, that His covenant is established by the blessing of Abraham through Jesus Christ for all nations. Satan supplies wealth and riches to people to suppress and “enslaved with greed”. Jesus supplies wealth and riches to people to “set them free, by supplying their need”. God (The Father), Jesus Christ (The Son), and the Holy Sprit (Our Helper) “reigns” (provided all authority and dominion) and let it “rain” (water for life), on all mankind, good, evil, rich, and poor. Man has allowed the power of technology, greed, agreement, and the lack of knowledge by God’s Word (Bible) to steal, kill, and destroy jobs through outsourcing insider trading. Reaping the benefits of what has been sown is nothing compared to the sowing that we are reaping. If America was put on trial for being a Christian Nation, would there be enough evidence to convict us!


James R. Ricks, Jr.


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