America and Israel Represent Christian Nations
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America and Israel represent Christian Nations, but their governments and many of the people mirror apartheid lifestyles. God’s chosen people always separated themselves from the Samaritans (Gentiles). Jesus life, death, and Resurrection brought them together as a “Divine Commandment”, but many people have chosen to remain separate and apart.  Both governments continue to separate and keep people apart from each other through the sin of racism, religion, and the “power of money”.  The love of “trickle down apartheid” is racism and religion on steroids to trick people into believing that they are made to look, feel, see, hear, and think different than other people think. Apartheid living has created a cultural imbalance that translates a system of domination, fear, war, and most of all hatred for others. Contributors to these problems continue to use the “greatest weapons” on earth, culture, customs, unjust constitutions, amendments, laws, rules, by vetoing righteous living. These weapons are birthed through skin color, gender, and nationality, a method by which God had to birth Jesus from Heaven to earth to “save” and “rescue” “all mankind”.  The Apartheid allows division, delusions, deceitfulness, stealing, killing, and destruction of freedoms, justices, and no peaceful living. Mitch McConnell said we must (Republicans) make President Obama a one-term President, but in his second term they must make him a  Apartheid  President in the White House (prisoner) , by not passing any good laws, rules, or help the needs of the American people. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in his own country for 27 years before becoming President; President Obama was put in prison by his own country-men and peers in 2008, and remains there today. Federal, state, city, and county governments are continuing to mirror apartheid living through passing unjust laws, rules, for corporations, insurance companies, etc. in order to build prisons instead of schools. The real issues extend from Apartheid Churches with Pastors, members and Christians who pretend to be Saints. These foes of families, friends, and buddies who love to hate as enemies do, depart, distrust, discord, disrespect, disrupt, dishonest, creating devises of evil intent, only promotes apartheid divisions in the Churches just as the world does!  

James R. Ricks, Jr.


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