All People Ought To Bring Up The Bible
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Trading Places was a movie that translated the systematic lifestyle or lack there-of for the American Heritage of Foundational laws, principles, standards, and policies. The constitution could pass the test of time, if only the laws would manifest justice, fairness, and right-standing, (Godly Righteousness). The main problem for a Godly called nation is people who choose the injustices flowing through their veins with the contaminated blood (DNA-sins) of Satan, instead of receiving the blood transfusion (DNA-Salvation) of Jesus Christ. This contaminated blood, hatred of color, race, and religion for one another has created all the prejudices of evil and decent from the real issue of loving God with all your heart, mind, and soul. I don’t try to “Love my neighbor as myself; I love my neighbor “in-spite” of myself! Once we forget or expel the “Righteous Love of God” from Heaven, obedient love, justice, peace, then the “Wrath of God” disobedience from love, justice, peace, surfaces from Hades. Fox News, Talk Radio, is obsessed with President Obama, finds no dirt, but creates dirt. I am passionate not obsessed with all the wicked wealthy white people and two or three wicked wealthy black people that keep everyone else bound (enslaved) by controlling our Government. Outsourcing of jobs, hiding American Prosperity in foreign banks, tax evasion from a government that can only operate by taxes received from its people, In God we once trusted! Jesus commands us, pay Caesar (Government) his “tax”, and God His (Church-10%) “Tithes”. The wealthy Americans ought to be proud of the President; they are the only ones able to prosper. When Fox, Talk Radio, Rush and others realize that they will loose their wealth if President Obama loses, they will have a “reverse obsession”, and people will see the real “focus fear” of fair and balanced. Every person deserves health-care and health insurance, but the insurance companies have bought our congress. The Pope, Frances has come out of the closet and condemned poverty, but the confederate, heritage, racists’ haters; continue to spew the sickness of cultural beliefs. God created America and Israel for all people, not white or Jew only. It seems as if America is white only rule and the Jews is Jew only, but God’s way is “Jesus” only and only “Jesus”. Jesus died for the human race (all-people), males, females, Jews and Gentiles. “Love” and “care” for one another”, not “one or the other”!

James R. Ricks Jr.



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