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Affluenza is and always has been the American way and culture. Affluenza is the “soft target” (racism) hidden in the Constitution for every situation regarding the life and death for many people of different races, genders, colors, and nationalities, presented as “justice” for all Americans. The power of superiority through money, race, gender, and skin color are securities formed by planned and fixed “Democracy”. These cards are played as spades, the ace in the hole (economic wealth), and the joker is always wild (cultural control). Freedom of speech, freedom to bare guns anywhere except government buildings where the laws were instituted, and freedom to treat people any way that pleases your personal amendment will afford you. The Constitution is truly stated, but is not a statement of truth, written “by some” of the people, “for some” of the people, but “not for all” the people. These are organized filtered filled con-artists using con-federalism, conservatism, and con-capitalism power through private economic, and wealthy profiteers (corporations), whose desire is to control the government (officials) by any laws necessitated. The society of social justice, socialism, communism, and Marxists, seem to reflect against the communities. Jesus was the greatest “Community Organizer” that ever lived, but had to die because He cared for the “have not’s” as well as the “haves”! Fox News Nation, Rush, conservative talk show host, and hostesses are the greatest “sitting ventriloquist behinds” the scenes of “string pulling”, in-sighting affluenza-lists, pharisee, sadducee pretenders of justice, honesty, fairness, or Christianity of somber times! There is no difference between “Radical Islam Terrorists” or “Radical Racists Terrorists”, they both kill, steal and destroy innocent people’s lives.

James R. Ricks, Jr.



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