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Greetings  -

There is healing in the harvest.  There is deliverance, joy, love, peace, faith and an abundance of life.  A life of unfailing joy grows when we are rooted in delighting and in the meditating of God’s word.  (Psalms 1:2)  Do you want to have an abundance of joy, hope, love, peace and strength? Jesus can give you all this and more if you listen to the words he speaks unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. (John 6:63)  This is what you can find in the word of God, one can find renewed joy, renewed hope, renewed peace, renewed contentment, renewed strength and a renewed passion for life.  My prayer for you is “Lord, grant that we be planted more deeply in your word.  May we be refreshed and nourished that our lives will be fruitful and that we may glorify you.  Amen.” Because God is the Goodiest!!!


May God bless you,

1st Lady Phyllis Ricks



1st Lady Words to Other First Time First Ladies

Hello to all first time first ladies in the Church of God of Prophecy. I am a first time first lady in the Church of God of Prophecy “To Tell the Truth Ministries” in Wake Forest.  I would like to welcome each of you into the ministry. I may not know your name at this time but I still welcome each of you. I know that as a first lady of the church can be overwhelming, but as you walk with the Lord and pray each day for strength in yourself and your husband, you can make it. I always pray and keep the lines of communication open not only to your husband but to your members also. They need encouragement too! Always stand with your husband (your pastor) and be right there for him and support him. Let your husband know how you feel about things so you both can work them out. I pray every day for guidance, wisdom and knowledge. Every day is a new day and it's a day for learning. When I wake up each morning the song "I Can Only Imagine" comes into my spirit. My morning devotional reading is Psalms 91. May God bless each one of you. 


To God be the Glory, 

1st Lady Phyllis Ricks

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